Cold Water Pressure Washers

PowerJet manufactures a complete line of cold water pressure washers. These high-pressure systems are utilized in various industries, such as agriculture, aquaculture, vehicle washing, government and municipalities, transportation, heavy equipment, manufacturing and processing plants, oil and gas, mining, marine, service industries.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

PowerJet manufactures also manufactures hot water high-pressure washing systems. Our units are ideal for any heavy industrial or commercial applications. They get hotter, faster than the competition, and will enable you to clean better and with fewer chemicals.

Customized & Specialized Pressure Washers

There are no limits to what we can build here at PowerJet. Our in-house engineering department will work with you to design and create the custom high-pressure system that you need for your specific application. If you need it, we can build it here at PowerJet!


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