These modular heaters are designed to provide instantaneous hot water at high volumes. These units can be mounted on vac trucks, sewer flushers, and hydro excavators. They can also be used to heat large water tanks.


Heating Coil

  • Elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced fully body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 or optional 160 pipe is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration. The coil is sealed with a ceramic blanket and enclosed in a stainless steel housing for heating efficiency. These coils have been specially designed to be paired with the burners for maximum heating and fuel efficiency. The coils are securely mounted to the frames to reduce vibration and enhance ease of maintenance. Wet/dry steam option available. (Optional 11,500 PSI Coils)

                   Optional CRN/ASME 30.1 Pressure Vessel Coded Coils

Oil Burners (Wayne)

  • Quality North American-made oil-fired burners with adjustable thermostats are used due to their efficiency and durability. Safety features include: flow switch, pressure switch, rupture disc, high limit, and adjustable thermostat

Control Panel 

  • Nema 4 watertight control panels are utilized


  • Industrial grade frames are fully welded and powder coated
    for longevity. Install ready.

Cabinet (VCB Models)

  • The frame is constructed with one piece of 11 gauge steel that is box bent with a 1/4 inch steel coil base (fully welded and powder coated). The unit is equipped with two service panels at the base of the unit and a removable top for quick and easy coil removal. Stainless steel hinges and fasteners are also utilized. Install ready for vacuum and hydro-vac trucks.
  • Optional Pump Systems
    Hydraulic, electric, gasoline and diesel-driven pump systems are available to pair with these units.

Redundancy packages, various types of thermostats, flow switches and safety features are also available to meet your specifications. 

Oil Fired    

PJ0200 2 5000 200,000 120 or 12
PJ0350 3 5000 350,000 120 or 12
PJ0400 4 5000 400,000 120 or 12
PJ0440 / PJ440VCB 4 5000 440,000 120 or 12
PJ0600 / PJ0600VCB 5 5000 600,000 120 to 12
PJ0700-(1/2)  / PJ0700-(1/2)VCB 6 5000 700,000 120 or 12
PJ0800-(1/2) 6 5000 800,000 120 or 12
PJ0800-(3/4) 6 5000 800,000 120 or 12
PJ0900-(3/4) / PJ0900VCB-(3/4) 10 3500 900,000 120 or 12
PJ01000-(3/4) / PJ01000VCB-(3/4) 10 3500 1,000,000 120
PJ1200-(3/4) 12 3500 1,200,000 120
PJ1800-(1) 15 2500 1,800,000 120
PJ02000-(1 1/4) 20 2,000,000 120


WARNING Residents of California: Proposition 65 Information