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In 2012 my business was growing and required an upgrade to a hot water pressure washer. Powerjet recommended a model suited for my business. I use this machine for business year round and I now have 2800 hrs on it. I’ve had great service with this machine and the customer service was excellent . The sales and service staff were very knowledgeable, professional, always friendly and prompt to answer all my questions to help me grow my business. I would recommend this product to anyone starting or growing their business.

– Mike MacQueen
(Owner, MacQueens Mobile Pressure Washing)

Belmac Suply
Being in sales and service management most of my working life, I FEEL I know the value of good customer service. It is a pleasure to work with  Power Jet to sell their product. You can always count on Power Jet for parts and service if there is a problem after the initial sale. This is the main reason why Belmac has remained loyal to Power Jet products.

– Jim Aikens
(Sales, Belmac Supply Ltd.)

Over the last 26 years I have had 2 Powerjet hot water pressure washers, used daily, with no major issues. I like dealing with the Powerjet staff because of their knowledge of equipment , parts, and willingness to help me with any service related questions. Their integrity has prompted me to become a dealer for them in my area, and I can always count on them to back me up with sales , service and parts when needed.

– Steve Deviller
(Owner, Clean-Rite Industrial Cleaners)