About Us

Welcome to PowerJet. We offer one of the largest cleaning equipment lineups with over 300 models available. Our experienced distributors will offer a sincere recommendation to provide you with the machine that matches your specific application.

The value of our cleaning equipment begins with our knowledge of your industry. Our pressure systems are designed and engineered considering every phase of use from installation to performance and ease of maintenance, resulting in reliable equipment with a low cost of ownership. Our machines clean faster to reduce time and labor costs. They generate hot water or steam quick, use less chemical and have full choke fittings to deliver maximum pressure and flow to the wash gun.

Our frames are built in our factory from heavier gauge steel, prepared in our four-stage metal cleaning process and coated with 3 mm of heavy powder coating; all with a lifetime guarantee. All standard PowerJet pressure systems are safety certified to UL1776 and CSA B140.11 standards and have CSA and or ETL approval.

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable our company to design one-off custom systems for unlimited applications, for example, conveyor wash systems, HP injection systems, cooling systems, screen washing, head bars, special instantaneous coil heaters, dry steam, water jet plastic,and paper pulp cutters, and pipe cleaning etc.

Thank you for considering PowerJet. Our promise to you is to deliver a system that meets or exceeds your expectations. We look forward to doing business with you.

Yours Truly,

The PowerJet Team